2012 INTERVIEW WITH PROF. CASPAR STRACKE, Kuvalehti Magazine, Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki

2010 SCREENARCADIA Microwave Hong Kong (Catalog)

2010 MASH UP European Media Art Festival, EMAF, Osnabrück

2009 How Architecture Learned to Speculate by Mona Mahall and Anri Serbst

2008 Interview with Caspar Stracke "Intrude Magazine" Intrude 366 Zendai MoMa, Shanghai, June 19th, 2008

2007 "Urban Particle Supercollider" Pam Crimmins, ART Critical (pdf)

2006 "Where Euclid Walked" catalog essay by JuHyun Cho, Seoul Mueseum of Art

2006 'Where Euclid Walked" Seoul Daily (Korean)

2004 "Noted on the Invisible" Mike Hoolboom on Caspar Stracke's DOPPEL (Videokunstpreis exhibition brochure, Bremen)

2004 "Philosophierende Leinwand" TAZ Nord GAK Bremen Videokunstpreis 2004, Caspar Stracke und Karina Bobinski (German)

2003 "Kunst -Bewegte Bilder - Kino" Stephanie Schulte-Strathaus
Kino Kommunal Heft 02/03

2002 Z2, Zuse Strip, ZKM catalogue 'Future Cinema"

2001 Circle's Short Circuit, Tageszeitung, Hamburg (German)

2000 Critic's Choice: Jonathan Rosenbaum on Circle's Short Circuits

2000 "Video's Body: Analog and Digital"
Laura U. Marks

1999 "Circle's Short Circuits" Top Ten List by Jonathan Rosenbaum

1999 PROFILES: Caspar Stracke, by Ilana Goldberg, The Independent 11/99

1999 "Circle's Short Circuit" Holly Willis, LA Weekly

1999 Spotlight: Caspar Stracke Virginia Film Festival

1999 "Circle's Short Circuit" The Dallas Observer, A.M.H.

1998 Caspar Stracke "Moving in Circles" Interview by Daniel Ferguson, SYNOPIS, Montréal

1998 European Media Art Festival, Johanes Tritschler, Film Journal

1997 Millennium Film Journal, Caspar Stracke's Speaking Silents Laura U. Marks
Silvery Circles. An Interview with Caspar Stracke. By Tom Chomont
M illennium Film Journal,

1995 Silbern - Caspar Stracke im Westwerk, Tageszeitung Hamburg



"Letter from Caspar Stracke" "V for Vertov" essay, edited by Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn,
Ediciones la Calavera 2008

Plug-In Without Drop-Out [2003]
english revised version, ZKM Catalogue "Future Cinema"

Waisen im Zwischen: Kunst+Kino (German) [2003]
Kinema Kommunal Heft 02/03

"New Energies"
Introduction for New York video program at CITYZOOMS, Catalogue Bremen 2003

NY Time Capsules (1963 - 2003)
Inrorduction for the CITYLIGHTS program at VIDEOEX, Catalogue, Zürich, 2003

Zwischen Appropriation und Wiederbelebung- [2001]

Schnitt Magazin

"Out of Joint" - Abstract [2001]

Anti-Nato.0+55 demonstration [2001]

deSitter Space Shuffle - [2001]

Housewarming - [2001]

Plug-in ohne Drop-out - [2000] (German)
Simulation einer Stimulation -Aus: Hyperprganismen

Video turntable from the 70's mimes 80's video art [2000]
P.S. 1 Hotel New York Press Release







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