TIME/OUT OF JOINT is a highly eclectic collection of topics dealing with the paradox of time reversal, interpreted as both, a scientific and cultural phenomenon.
It is a feature-length experimental documentary that investigates the relation-ship between groundbreaking scientific discoveries such as the reduction and stopping of light velocity with the irreversibility of life. Time-axis manipulations such as time reversal mirrorsing, quantum non-locality experiments are put into dialogue with gerontology, age reversal and human life extension.

In addition, the project features interpretations of time reversal from various cultural and artistic practices, including time-slice photography, backwards speech experiments, so-called "backward masking " in pop music as well as time-reversal film techniques.
Finally the backwards turning of time is related to life’s finitude and its relationshio with the human psyche. It is echoed and the controversial and absurd battle against this life fact. WIth the notion of "age reversal" which applies stem-cell cloning, among other medical concepts from the research field of gerontology.
Featuring Manuel DeLanda, Anges Heller, Michael West, Sarah Rudner, Aubrey deGrey, Mikhail Lukin, Narcisa Hirsch, Ladislav Galeta, among others.

Time/ Out of Joint is funded in parts by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Germany.

The project is conceived and directed by New York-based German award-winning filmmaker Caspar Stracke.

Production Assistance: Madeleine Dewald of Dock 43, Hamburg